We made finals this year at the Whistler 72 hour filmmaker showdown! Ileanna Cheladyn slayed the story and Taryn was a star.

Love, lust, and lunacy: a video made for the 72 hour Olympus Filmmaker Showdown.

Just a few dudes shinin' up their hot rides.

A ninja/samurai/kung fu type guy has just met the ever famous Moon Lee.

Will gives a greasy snowboarder a makeover.

The new Salomon Salomonder is totally chyll.

This Video is dedicated to Dan Zimmerman for his birthday!

Our unsuccessful entry into the Toronto Urban Film Festival. It is a silent film festival, so put on your favourite song and check it out!

A discouraged boy discovers a remarkably unusual pair of glasses. After some research he discovers their secret and desires to share it with the world. 

Coal makes hats perfect for covering your bald spot no matter what the occasion.

This board can stand up to anything.

If you veer away from conventional methods and Ideologies. Always venture down the path less traveled.