Four skateboarders set out on a train hopping journey across the U.S.A.

One of Edmonton's OG killas, Mat Tam, hits the streets hard this year.

Packingtown: R.I.P.

It seems like our team is at impasse. With Dale and Will butting heads, does this musical even stand a chance? 

A helpless director finally lands his big break within the snowboard industry. 


Decemeber 21, 2013 marks the one year anniversary from the epic event that saved humanity. 

Tonight's episode features a very special guest and a look into his new hobby!


Go Skateboarding Day.

Jordan boards at Plaza

We put together this edit, recapping much of our season here in Edmonton for King Snow to play at the Village Lounge in Whistler last week during the Whistler Ski and Snowboard Show. 

Dale's full-part stunt action reel from Agnes The Movie.

Here is a re-edit of Dylan Vachon's part from the Nuulife Cinema film "What Happened." 

SDP presents Dylan Vachon obliterating this handrail.

I'm clearly having trouble transitioning from filming skateboarding to snowboarding, so here are a few fish lines from our little training facility. 

A casual river valley stroll, fueled with good conversation, is quickly turned to conflict.

A bunch of footage that I've been sitting on for a while, filmed by all sorts of filthy Yeggers. 

Every year, 8 of snowboarding's top Shit Eaters go head-to-head in an online video contest. 

Don't you just hate it when that happens? Dale Bailey Max Hughes Will Fraser... 

Well if Elyse hasn't already done enough to hinder the creation of what surely could be a monumental snowboard musical, we find her really playing dirty in this episode. 

With the loss of a crucial asset to their team, the musical is put on hold...

This fall, bare witness to a tale of a man who tries to challenge tthe snowboard film industry.

Torstein drops in to bring you a heavy run. Created by Dale Bailey and Marcus Samji

The first week out at Rabbit Hill has been an interesting one.

We spent the 2011/12 season living in our trusty 82' camper van, Agnes.

A sneak peek of "Agnes: The Movie" that's dropping this summer. 

Jordan, Fork, and Dale meet up at the mall to skate the indoor park on a balmy November afternoon while Ben rips sick lines at home.

Here is a day at Rabbit Hill with some slo-mo long lens and folk music. My fav.

Derrick and Craig were discussing important bis when a sideways sliding man cut them off. 

Check out the Shoulda Danished re-edit of Dale's 10/11 season!

Had a Spring clean up on the hard-drives and came across a bunch of skate clips from a few mellow sessions last Summer. 

Coupla' shots thrown together from Ryan's top secret training facility out in the booneys. With Colton Martinkus, Steve Schneider and Ryan Fyfe-Brown. 

Dug up this old gem remembering the good ol' days when we used to shred together. You will be missed Willy. Always the most welcome skier amongst us, you rock! 1990-2011.